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Our Story

“What advice would you give to your younger self?”

The Young People’s Development Foundation began as a way for university students to offer insightful and real advice to disadvantaged secondary school students. We noticed a disconnect between higher and secondary education institutions and wanted to offer an insight into the realities of university, work experience and life after education. As recent students from a diverse range of backgrounds, we can take an objective view of how our educational experiences couldve been enriched, and implement these methods in our workshops and by engaging with students directly. Our goal is to constantly improve educational outcomes by drawing on our experiences. 

“For young people, by young people.”

The YPDF earned it’s name as an organisation as it was founded and is sustained by young people. We aim to create a sustainable cycle of development whereby young adults advise and mentor younger students, hoping to inspire them to give back one day too. Not only do we hope to improve the job prospects of our young students, but our advisers, directors and recent graduates gain rewarding work experience and an invaluable addition to their CV!

Mission Statement

We believe that all students, irrespective of their socioeconomic status, should have an equal opportunity to access resources and services which promote successful future prospects. In support of students, the Young People’s Development Foundation fosters partnerships between secondary and higher education institutions to sustain educational prosperity. Through collaboration and engagement, we connect directly to students in developing the skills needed post-secondary education through workshops, career guidance, and CV building.

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