About the programme

The International Mentoring Programme recruits North American university students to advise prospective students from the UK who wish to study abroad. Being an international mentor is an incredible opportunity to broaden your impact, globalise your career and build your resume.

International Mentors acquire rewarding professional experience and are a part of a global network of young people. 


The role

Students in the UK who wish to study abroad often lack knowledge of the college admissions systems in the US and Canada. They often have no idea how to apply, what the admissions process is and what they need to do to be accepted.  

That’s where International Mentors come in. 

Mentors contact their mentees via email – answering queries, providing them with scholarship opportunities and providing advice on applications.

Internationals Mentors must:

  • Provide advice on entrance exams such as SATs and ACTs
  • Research helpful resources such as testing materials
  • Possess knowledge of the applications process
  • Possess knowledge of their degree structure and advise on this
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