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Want to join a network of students and young professionals?

At YPDF, we believe in educational equality. The people in our team are dedicated to filling the educational attainment gap through mentoring and workshops. This is why we focus on state-funded schools and deprived areas. If you want to join our team, there are a number of ways for you to get involved.

North American students can learn more about opportunities here:



Our advisers attend in-class workshops and advise students face-to-face. Their main duties include planning workshops, answering queries from students and being a proactive member of their team.

As an adviser, you’ll also have the opportunity to plan and execute your own workshops!


Mentors are matched with their mentees based on their subject of expertise and the student’s interests. They provide their mentee with university consultations, opportunities for career development and review of applications.

Mentors consult with their mentees online, and also contribute to monthly career newsletters sent to subscribers. 

If you are interested in an adviser or mentor position, please apply here:

We welcome applications for executive team and admin positions. If you believe that you are suited to these roles, please email

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